Check the data analysis of Success Factors at Automation World!

96.3% of visitors are powerful buyers

Our data prove that Smart Factory + Automation World attracts the best business opportunities. More than 90% of the visitors are active domestic or international buyers.

24/7 Promotion

Online/off-line promotions, customized invitation letters, and more are available. By using the latest marketing tools such as app-promotion and keyword search, we passionately put our efforts to promote the exhibiting companies at the show.

24%of overseas buyers has increased compared to the last event

The overseas marketing team provides the most promising global opportunities for clients and offers valuable packages to overseas buyers, Including supports for accommodation.

Co-located Events : Over 10 Conferences & Seminars

Every year, we organize relevant conferences and seminars to provide valuable and beneficial experiences to every participants. The programs cover various fields including smart factory sensors, automatic identification technology, and more.

Korea's Leading Industrial Automation Trade Fair

Smart Factory + Automation World has been started its 30-year-long history since 1990 under the name of aimex(the Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Measurement Exhibition) as Korea’s first factory and automation industry exhibition. Smart Factory + Automation World now has a remarkable 30-year-long history and participation on a global scale. In addition that, in order to strengthen leading position in the automation exhibition industry, the show has been divided to Smart Factory Expo, aimex, and Korea Vision Show. Each show is highly specialized in the field which has been noted for the future trend in manufacturing industry.

As the top trade fair for the Korean automation market, Smart Factory + Automation World leads the way in showcasing the latest trends and new technologies coming out of the automation industry. Smart Factory + Automation World is a core exhibition for the success of your business in Korea.

Top Business Platform for Trade and Business Expansion

Eliminate the need to visit multiple localized exhibitions to recruit new buyers. Now you can meet qualified global buyers and reliable engineers within related instiutions and enterprises, all under one roof!
Smart Factory + Automation World concurrent events-Smart Factory Expo, aimex, Korea Vision Show-will perfectly sync all aspects of the industry. SF + AW will provide a total promotion, sales, and research solution for your business. Together, these shows offer an optimal opportunity to discover new distributors and partners to expand your business in domestic market.